Perfect for Ages 5 to 105

The Coping Box is filled with fun fidget toys and creative distractions to help cope with life's daily stressors. It is wonderfully suited for adolescents coping with anxiety/depression, therapists, school counselors, teachers, kids learning to manage symptoms of ADD, bereavement, those diagnosed with Alzheimer's, a student care package, a patient pick-me-up or any occasion where someone can use a smile.  

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About Our Coping Box


What tethers you in times of anxiety?

The coping box is about learning to manage feelings of fear, sadness and helplessness. It is about the use of tangible tools and your senses to feel grounded and in control when emotions run high. It is about teaching yourself to persevere through uncertainty and believing you can. The coping box is aimed at providing comfort, peace and a sense of resiliency when you are overwhelmed. 

You got this. Find your anchor.

About Us

The Coping Box Co is a family operated business

Founder, Freea Leahy, LICSW, is a social worker who has spent 20 years working with individuals to overcome barriers to personal success.

John, Sydney & Jack Leahy are the first line for product approval. They happily test each new product prior to admission into the coping box. They keep the ideas and inspiration flowing. We choose items based on texture, feel, scent, color, quality & fun factor.

We hope your coping box brings you as much happiness as it brings us. Enjoy!



Stuart S.

I wish The Coping Box Co. was a thing back when I was younger. At 29 years old I cannot sit still but I have been using the Cube and Spinner for a few months now and my Fiancé and coworkers all agree that I do not fidget as much. Using the Cube and Spinner puts my mind at ease and I even loose track that I’m playing with them. The Idea behind this is brilliant, I love all forms of puzzle games and fun little toys, even my coworkers have given the variety of fidget devices a go and one thing is consistent with everyone’s first fidget operation, a big smile. 

Lori B.

 My 13 year old daughter just bought a coping box and she loves it!! She can easily get overwhelmed and has anxiety and the items in this box help her to focus and "escape" when the world around her becomes too overwhelming. Awesome idea! 

Jenn S.

My son got one for his birthday and is LOVING his. When he's having a hard time getting his thoughts in order or has typical little boy emotions, we suggest The Coping Box. It helps him "get it together" in a fun way. It's a cool company with a great idea. 

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